Our clergy team…

We have a team of ordained ministers at St Clement's, led by the Venerable Kevin Bourke,
who offer spiritual leadership to the whole community and who encourage us as we share ministry together.


The Venerable Kevin Bourke


I joined the ministry team as Priest-in-charge of the Parish of Stafford in January 2014. My background is in the mechanical trades as a fitter/welder, before joining the full-time ministry in 1990. I also gained qualifications in computing and computer programming, while working for 3 years as a Safety Officer for CSR. I have served as a priest in the Dioceses of North Queensland, Grafton and now Brisbane.

I have interests in geneaology, rugby league, woodworking and watch and clock repair, as well as poetry. I also tend a collection of bromeliads. I am married to Carolynne and have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.

I enjoy working with the people of the Parish in bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into people's lives. I have a strong conviction that the gospel changes people's lives, and I am especially interested in the ministry and task of bringing young people to be more involved in the teachings and practice of the Christian faith, and to further encourage them in their journey through life. I am committed to the collaborative ministry model and believe that our future belongs to the capacity to closer work together, as Clergy and Laity in Parishes and across Regions, to better utilise our diminishing resources.

If we truly believe that we have a message that is essential in human life, then we need to find new ways of ensuring that the Anglican Church becomes healthier and more robust than it currently is.


the reverend lee gauld

I am a non-stipended (unpaid) priest. I have enjoyed being a part-time member of the clergy team at St Clement's since 2001. In that time I have been involved in working with children, baptism preparation, leading faith exploration groups such as EfM and Catechumenate, visiting parishioners at home and in hospital as well as leading services and preaching. In 2011, I graduated from the Spiritual Direction Formation Course run by the MEC. I find the ministry of companioning people on their spiritual journeys to be deeply rewarding. I meet with people at St Francis College, Milton on Tuesdays and at St Clement's on other days. I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 5. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren, with my dog, Ollie, and reading.


the reverend keith foote

The past few years as an assisting priest at St Clement's have proved to be most rewarding and uplifting. I have enjoyed the company, the fun and giftedness of so many like-minded people. Together we have entered into the worship, prayerfulness and outreach expected of us offering care, concern and support when needed. I am pleased to be part of the Men's Shed and its outreach to all men in our community. My ministry at the RBWH with the Palliative Care Team continues to be of importance to me as people face ultimate concerns in their life's journey. I continue to enjoy family, reading and researching spiritual issues along with classical music and some fishing.


THE reverend leisha rule

I have worshipped with my husband and family at St Clement's on the Hill at Stafford for over 50 years. During that time I have grown to love and be loved by the people of the parish. There have been many roles for me over the years, but the pastoral care of parishioners has been a passion for me. For many years I have been involved with breast cancer support groups for women in the community, and for the past twenty years have coordinated a Cancer Support Group at Stafford. This group is for people with all forms of cancer and their families. In my quieter times, I enjoy reading and cross-stitch as well as sharing time with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.