We are delighted to share with couples in the celebration of their wedding. We offer them our support in preparing for their marriage, as they explore the meaning of Christian marriage, and how God is central to their lives together.

St Clement's Church is a contemporary style building set in a quiet back street in Stafford, with seating for up to 350 people.

Fees: Church contribution $300, Celebrant $200

Possible additional costs: Marriage Preparation Course $50+, Organist $150, Printing costs - $1 per booklet (couples are required to supply any specialised covers).

If you would like to be married at St Clement's, contact our office to arrange a time to see the rector.



Baptism is an outward symbol of washing away sins, being born of water and the Spirit, into God's family.

When infants are baptised at St Clement's, they are baptised as Christians.

If you are interested in baptism for your child, or in adult baptism, please contact our office.



At St Clement's, a funeral service is a time to honour a life now ended and a time to give thanks to God for that life.

Our caring team is available to assist and support you at this difficult time. St Clement's has seating for up to 350 people, plus two side chapels for quiet reflection or viewings. Services can also be conducted by our team at a crematorium or funeral home. St Clement's has a Garden of Remembrance for the interment of ashes, which is also registered as a site which provides official commemoration on behalf of the Office of Australian War Graves. Funeral services can be arranged by contacting our office.