Environmental Ministry

Our Bush Regeneration                          We have planted hundreds of native plants.


Our parish environment group is called “Friends of Creation”, and is part of “AngliGreen” (the Brisbane Diocese environment group.) Like its Diocesan counterpart, it sets out to promote the news that, as Christians, we all need to thank God for God’s creation – the planet we live on and the universe of which it is a part – and have a big obligation to care for it (stewardship and partnership – with God and with all other living things.)

We try to remind our parish (and ourselves!) of ways in which we can all try to minimise our use of energy and water, in our Church buildings and grounds as well as in our own homes and places of work, to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help to save the planet.

Finally it should be said that, when we talk about “creation”, we mean the whole universe. However it came into being, it was God’s doing!

We get together to work in our Community Garden at various times throughout the year.  Anyone is welcome to join us.  Please bring gardening equipment.  Refreshments are provided.  Please contact the parish office for details.