Your support would be greatly appreciated in any of the following ways:

Volunteering your time Many tasks are performed regularly by volunteers to care for our Church & grounds and to prepare for Services.  For information regarding particular roles, please contact our parish office.

Maintaining Garden & Grounds Your assistance with general maintenance of our garden and grounds would be greatly appreciated. We get together one Saturday per month at 8.00am. You may come for the whole morning, or whatever time you can spare. Then we'll enjoy some Morning Tea which will be supplied. Anyone is welcome to join us. Please bring gardening equipment.

Donating Groceries for People in Need St Clement's regularly sends groceries to the Fortitude Valley Parish Pantry to assist people in need. Groceries can be brought to Church and placed in the basket at the Church door.

Gifts/Talents You may possess certain skills that you would like to share with our community, eg. we always welcome extra singers and instrumentalists.

Remembering St Clement's in your will These days, the Church finds itself facing ever greater challenges and a faster rate of change.

St Clement's is responding to these changing demands by caring for each other; welcoming all who come and reaching out to our local community.

By making a bequest, you will be helping to equip the Church of the future.

Making a Bequest

A bequest to St Clement's is a way of offering your ongoing support for our community of St Clement's and for our work in the local community and mission in the wider world. It enables you to make a significant gift that might not otherwise be possible.

A bequest may leave to St Clement's all, or a certain percentage of, the property remaining after provision for family members and other beneficiaries. You may stipulate whether the bequest is for the general support of St Clement's or for a specific purpose.

Keeping it Flexible

The wording you use in your Will is important. If your Will is very precise about how your gift is to be used, later changes in circumstances may make it impossible to carry out your wishes. You may, after legal consultation choose the form of the following words...

"I give and bequeath the sum of $.. (or the rest and residue of my estate) to the Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane to be applied for the benefit of St Clement's-on-the-Hill Anglican Church, Stafford, and the receipt of the Diocesan Registrar shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor or trustee."

To ensure that your Will fulfils your intentions, it is advisable that it be drawn by a solicitor or a Trustee Company. Once you have made your Will, it is important to review it every few years or as circumstances change. Remember that the value of your assets will change over time.